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Who am I? 

My name is Colleen Winslow; I was born and raised in Central, New York. I have lived here most of my life. We have settled in Chenango Forks, NY where we continue to work to better the breed according to the American Kennel Club and we are members of the Colonial Rottweiler Club along with out local All Breed Clubs. We Strive to breed the healthiest dogs and strive to continue the strong partnership with our extended family.

I have loved and raised canines my entire life.  I have worked with special need kids and adults. This is where my love for teaching and educating others began.  Along the way I ventured off to educate myself in Canines in every aspect; so I am able to spread the knowledge that I learned about our loveable companions.

I became breed specific in 1999. The breed of choice was the Rottweiler. The Rottweiler is a very loveable dog and is often passed by because of misjudgments that are put in place.  As you will see, while on our site, they are very much our family. As years went by I educated myself in every aspect of a canine’s world. What are they?  Where did they come from? What do they need to survive in our world? How humans and canines can live in harmony. Also how we can make their life better in living in our world. I also help educate people in how the dog's mind works and how body language can affect the behavior of your canine friend.  From there I have expanded not only my world and knowledge, but also how I can spread my knowledge to others.

How we work with Mother Nature and the environment is how we help ourselves work with our dogs. We work with Mother Nature to provide a harmonious balance between us and our loveable friends.  It’s not about the training, but about understanding the way humans and animals co-exist together naturally.  It’s not about winning the battle or losing it.

When it rains we use an umbrella, when it snows we use a shovel. These are examples of coexisting with Mother Nature which goes along with the tools we use with our canine partners and learning how to work with behavior, also with tricks such as sit, stay, come and heel, which is considered obedience training. We also musn't forget about grooming our furry friends

 My education is from life experience, taking classes , training with specialists and learning for myself the stuff I either didn’t know or have never learned before. 

Working with professionals was a big part of learning what canines do, how they react, or we coincide with them. As with anything in life, you can try to read as many books and go to as many classes you can. It doesn’t take any value away from or compare to the value of life experience. As we all know with people, no two humans are like. As well, no two dogs are alike. There are too many variables to be put into a book or reading trying to get people to understand that everything changes.  You can help control or work with nature, but you cannot change the way life is. This is a variable all in itself.  When it comes to picking a trainer or a groomer or a person with a job associating with dogs, you need to pick the one that best suits your needs and those of your beloved canine.


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