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My purchase of a well bred purebred dog does not condemn another dog to death.

My purchase of a well bred purebred dog does not result in an uptick in the shelter dogs.

My desire to have a dog with predictable temperament from a healthy line does not result in another dog not getting adopted at the shelter.

My careful research on the most responsible breeders who meet all requirements is not the problem. It's not what you should be mad at.

It's not who you should blame.

I am not the one who irresponsibly brought these dogs into this world and left them in a shelter. Responsible breeders aren't the ones bringing these dogs to animal shelters either.

It's my home, my life and my choice what kind of dog I want to bring in. Maybe I need a working dog, sport dog, show dog or just a companion dog of a certain breed that suits me best.

Whatever reason I choose to support a reputable breeder, it will not send an animal protection dog to death.

A breeder who does health tests, temperament tests and titling of their dogs does not contribute to the number of stray dogs.

The number of stray dogs in the world is a problem, but it's not a problem made worse by reputable breeders or those who buy from them.

Your neighbor who gets a "purebred" dog without papers because they're cheap is contributing to the problem.

Your friend who spontaneously bought a puppy from Petland is contributing to the problem.

The person scrambling to pump out the hottest designer mix ASAP is contributing to the problem.

Your relatives who have to get their dog covered once, "so she can experience what it's like to be a mother" or because "she's such a good/cute/sweet girl" are contributing to the problem.

Your old school mate who bought a working dog with lots of energy without taking the time to research its needs and character who ultimately sees it doesn't fit his lifestyle is the problem.

A reputable breeder offers lifetime support. A serious breeder would never allow their dogs to end up in a shelter from the start.

It's understandable to be angry about the number of homeless dogs in the world, but if you look closer, you'll find that your anger is misplaced.

-by Lindsay Hutslar


For those who don’t understand why puppies cost what they cost..

Time, effort, love all priceless to the Code of Ethics Responsible breeder.


Cost of Raising a well bred, responsibly raised Rottweiler litter (health tested, Ch parents, prices may vary slightly by region)

$5000-$15,000+ Showing the Dam (if using your own stud then x 2 )
$700-$1000+ Health testing and OFA fees (if using your own stud x 2 )
$50ea AKC DNA profile of parents
$300-$500 Pre breeding reproductive workup (brucellosis, cultures, CBC, heartworm test, worming, vaccines ect) (if using your own stud x 2 and add pre-breeding semen eval of $100) 
$400-$600 Progesterone Testing to determine breeding/A.I. dates
$1000-$2500+ Stud Fee if using outside stud (double for dual sire litters or if using 2 breeding units of frozen)
$300-$2000 Semen Shipping (domestic or international) OR
$50-$1000 Travel expenses to a stud for live cover depending on distance
$300-$800 Surgical A.I. or two TCI’s to inseminate if not using live cover
$75+ Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy
(if breeding does not take lose all expense into the breeding and start over)
$75+ X-ray to confirm number and position of puppies, puppy size, dam’s pelvis size
$1500-$3000+ c-section or emergency vet visit for whelping complications, mastitis, infection, ect
$100 post whelping exam and X-ray
$250-$1500 Whelping box
$250-$500 whelping supplies (heat lamp, heating pad, pee pads, towels, blankets, paper towels, gloves, trash bags, necessary medical equipment and supplies, ect)
$30 ea puppy Dewclaw removal
$500-$1000 Milk Replacer or goats milk, puppy food, vitamins (depending on litter size) 
$250+ Weaning pen or kennel for once puppies need more space
$300+ Pee Pads Litter/potty area
$200+ toys, bedding, collars, misc
$25 plus $2.50 per pup AKC litter fees (dual sired litter $200 extra plus $45-$50 fee for each DNA test per puppy)
$35 AKC Litter Pedigree
$100+ ea pup regular vet care (vet check, wormings, heartworm preventive, vaccines)
$40+ microchip per pup
$40 - $80 tail docking
$50-$300+ Advertising the breeding/Litter
$25-$100 per pup for breeders puppy pack/go home kit
Unforeseen potential expenses- death of the bitch, contagious disease, birth defects, genetic defects, injury, growth issues, euthanasia, ect ,, also possible replacement puppies going towards health guarantees.
Misc expenses- Gas for all the travel, time off work, cost of pet sitter to check on pups while at work, electric bill from heating lamps and pads, extra expenses for excessive laundry (gas, water, electric, detergent, bleach). Any related import permit , agent and customs fees for importing semen, added vet expenses required to be reimbursed to the stud dog owner for their travel and vet expenses for import/export requirements.

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