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Your Experiences (Puppy Related): We welcomed Lucy as a puppy to our home back in August of 2021. We are a family of 4 with a 4 year old and 2 year old. It is now January of 2023 and Lucy is by far the smartest, loving, and well tempered dog I have ever had. She is eager to be trained and very gentle with my children. Collie is a fantastic breeder who knows how to breed well tempered Rotties. She is quick to respond with any questions you may have and is a great resource throughout your entire Rottweiler journey . I highly recommend VonBremen Rottweilers!

Joseph Coutcher

Your Experiences (Puppy Related): We had such a wonderful experience getting a Rottweiler puppy from Colleen. She is very involved in all aspect of preparing for a puppy, getting the puppy, and life with a new puppy. She personally picked the perfect pup for my family and we could not have been happier. You can tell from the first conversation how much passion and love she has for not only her personal dogs, but the Rottweiler breed as a whole.

Sarah Pelissier

Our experience with Colleen has been awesome. We met her a bit over 2 years ago when we first inquired about a puppy. We could tell right from the get go how much pride she takes in not cutting corners with her breeding and how she goes above and beyond in all areas with her dogs/the families who get her puppies. She ensured we were a good fit for one of her puppies and also educated us tremendously along the way. Throughout the entire process she has been very responsive and helpful with any questions that come up even now with our “puppy” being almost a year and a half old at this point! I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone who is in search of a reputable breeder!


We purchased our puppy Greta from Colleen in April 2018. I have owned three Rottweilers now and my last girl had passed away in January 2018. I was recommended to Colleen through my former breeder as she did not have any pups available in her litter that spring. Upon contacting Colleen, I immediately knew she was a consummate professional; she had very stringent requirements for who she would entrust her puppies with. I know this to be the mark of a great breeder. Greta is a joy. She has a wonderful temperament, and she is so smart. We have done caninie good citizen, therapy dog international and she is now in Rally training. Everywhere we go with her we receive compliments on her beauty.  Any time I have a question or seek advice, Colleen is there to help immediately. She has been a wonderful resource to our family long after the purchase of Greta.

April Dalbec

From the first phone call with Collie, I could tell that she is a completely devoted breeder and owner. She goes above and beyond to make sure her dogs have the best care, and it was no different when we took our puppy Maggie home. She did so much of the foundational work with the puppies so Maggie was already crate trained from Day 1! She's been such an amazing dog so far and the most common comment we get from people when we take her out is "I can't believe she's a puppy, she's so well behaved!" I whole heartedly believe that the effort and time Collie puts in with all of her dogs has made our work as owners that much easier. It has also been such a wonderful gift that Collie has remained connected to us even after we brought Maggie home and I truly feel that once you get a dog from Collie, you become part of her extended family. That's always how she's made us feel and I couldn't be more grateful that we found her and that she trusted us enough with one of her pups. Maggie is such a silly, smart, and loyal pup and we simply couldn't be happier!

Lucy Campbell

We have had the best experience with Colleen. Any and all questions that we have had, she has answered within minutes. She is very serious about choosing the right families for her puppies and we are so lucky that we were welcomed into the VonBremen family. Our baby girl Luna is the sweetest/silliest puppy you'll ever meet. We have 2 little boys.. a 2 year old and a 3 month old and she is so great with them both. So gentle and protective of the little one, always laying near him or giving smooches. And she is so playful with our oldest. We can't thank Colleen enough for everything she has done for us and for giving us the perfect addition to our family!

Jayme Demary

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality, Collie.  I enjoyed spending the weekend with you, when I picked up Preacher. It was my pleasure to be involved with this litter from the very planning of it. I truly hope it turns out to be everything you were hoping for.

We've had such a lovely relationship through the years and this pairing will only serve to bring us closer.  I can always count on you for HONEST and thoughtful input.

I look forward to seeing what you continue to create for your future and I appreciate you allowing my involvement.


I have a female pup out of Coco, and received so much information from Coleen about any puppy issues that may arise, she goes above and beyond as a breeder to make sure she places pups with owners wants and needs that they expect from their pup,she will always be available for any questions or concerns and goes out of her way as a breeder to produce exceptional pups with excellent temperament.

Lucy Jontony

Colleen is an excellent breeder to work with. Her knowledge and love of her dogs is apparent. We have been very happy with our puppy. He is lovable and very smart. All due to the care he had with Colleen. We would gladly recommend Colleen if you are looking to get a rottie!


My experience with Colleen has been nothing short of Great.  Anytime and every time I have had any type of question or request she has been extremely gracious.  Our girly Eva is such a treat...pure rottweiler in every way.  Go snowshoeing for 4 miles, she is Right there.  Kick back and watch a movie and she is more then willing to cuddle with us!  We love her all to pieces and are very thankful for Colleen and her integrity.

Peter Labbe

  I was looking for a Rottweiler Breeder after losing my female Rottewiler Mady. I, by chance met Colleen after going to a dog show in Syracuse. I saw a female Rotttweiler in the show ring and had to get a closer look after her class was finished. I approached Colleen, who was very friendly and outgoing. I asked her if I could take a closer look at her female (Coco)  and she also had a male with her(Duke), who I instantly fell in love with. Duke's temperment and confirmation were equally stunning and I knew right then I had to have  VonBremen Rottweiler. I stayed in contact with Colleen and submitted an application for a male puppy from her next litter that was coming in August 2015. I was ecstatic that my application was chosen and impressed with Colleen's diligence in making sure her pups were placed in good homes with responsable owners. Finally the day came when I was able to see the pups from the litter and meet my pup  VonBremens Beats The Drum AKA "Hank".  It was hard not taking him home that day and I could hardly wait until he was ready ! When the day came, I was equally impressed with Colleen as to how organized she was with preparing me to take care of my new pup and making sure all my questions were answered.  Colleen has always been a phone call, email of text message away when I had questions. Hank has become a huge part of our family (physically and figuritively) and we could not be happier with him !  I could never see myself having any other Rottweiler than a Von Bremen Rottweiler ! 


We adopted Clearly and Absolute Kismet - aka "Ruger" who is from the Coco/Vator litter born 11/25/16.  Ruger is now almost 6 mos. old and is already 72# so is going to be a large boy.   He has a wonderful temperament, beautiful looks, and we just love him!   Our experience with Colleen has been wonderful from the beginning, and continues as a forever friendship.  I can call or text her at any time with concerns, questions, advice, or just to send pictures or goofy updates on our puppy.   I've learned many new options from vaccinating, to food related questions, to grooming, and Colleen has always been there to help.  Colleen truly cares for her dogs and keeps in touch with the families when her babies go to their forever homes. We could not be happier with the whole experience and the quality of our beautiful boy! We look forward to years of continued updates, and friendship with this whole family of Rottweilers and their families.

Judy Coons

Nicole is a joyful addition to our family. She is such a friendly dog. A real people person. She never leaves your side and loves to play fetch (for hours). Extremely curious and always checking out obscure corners of the yard. I was very lucky to find Collie and her dogs. I had lost Alexis to bone cancer earlier this year and I missed having her around. I am very grateful to Collie for trusting me with one of her puppies. Thank you very much.

John Bialy

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