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I am a dog person - you don't have to understand us! We have no problem picking out a little dog hair from our food and eating it anyway. It’s a given that we will inevitably step in the one pile of poo we missed out in the backyard during a game of fetch with the furkids. We are not welcome in most stores, because we always have our dogs with us. We don't think anything strange of someone talking about collars, leads, or worms, and who pooped, and was it a good one, or mushy? Our dinner conversation with anyone we know is dog talk, or some kind of advice needed. We can raise our voice instantly by 5 octaves to greet our dogs. We buy dog toys, food, treats etc. before buying our own food. We know more about our dog’s diet than we do our own. And we know that dog therapy is the best cure for depression. We all sleep in our dogs beds because our beds become theirs. We know their quirks and we spoil them constantly. We are the luckiest to be loved by these satient beings. They have rescued all of us. They are our kids. This is our beautiful life.

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